2. Productive Procrastination

So part of the reason why I decided I wanted to start blogging is because I want to write, but writing is very very very very very hard and anyone that successfully writes says the way to get better is to write as much as you can.  So I’ve decided to use this as productive procrastination, and I’m pretty sure I once read an article on  productive procrastination so it must be a legitimate thing.  This way when I sit down to write but am feeling lazy, stupid, bored with what I’m doing, and/or distracted I can procrastinate with more writing.  For the record I definately just gave myself a high five for so effectively tricking myself into doing that I’m supposed to be doing..go me.  Although the more I think about it, I’m probably not the first one to think of this brilliant plan.  Many authors have blogs, John Green (http://johngreenbooks.com), Maureen Johnson’s twitter must count for a blog at this point (https://twitter.com/maureenjohnson)  although she does have a website too (http://www.maureenjohnsonbooks.com/index1.html) and my own writer cousin Bridget Zinn even had a blog (http://www.bridgetzinn.com/about_bridget/index.php).  While I’m sure they’re all generous people people that want to share they’re life and work experiences for the benefit of the public, I also have a sneaking suspicion that when they were updating their blogposts they were supposed to be writing books.  I can’t confirm this, but I do believe it.  Partly because it seems genuinely plausible, but mostly because then I have something very real in common with many fantasticly talented writers…and that’s encouraging.

At this point it is only fair of me to admit that I’m not avoiding writing right now…I’m avoiding doing laundry.  The pile of dirty clothes has grown so large that I’m actually very intimidated by it and am pretty sure it’s grown a face and will eat me up if I try to start washing it now

Laundry monster
Laundry monster

I’m still right here and I’m still not all there.


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