4. The Christmas Chronicles

I just finished reading one of the many books I got for Christmas!  The first one fittingly, is The Christmas Chronicles As told to Jeff Guinn.  It is actually three books The Autobiography of Santa Clause, How Mrs. Clause Saved Christmas, and The Great Santa Search, in one beautiful red, sparkly snowflake covered book.


The Autobiography of Santa Clause I have read several times before and have never stopped enjoying it.  It may start to sound a little like a history book sometimes, but I think that adds to the point that the book is trying to make, which is, of course, that Santa is real and to be believed in.  It’s the type of book that I want to read with a cup of hot chocolate then fall asleep cuddling it (the book…not the hot chocolate).

How Mrs. Clause Saved Christmas was a new one to me…one that I didn’t even know existed until I got it for Christmas.  It was hard for me not to skip Santa’s autobiography and get straight to Mrs. Clause’s story, but I figured a refresher on the general history might be useful anyway.  While Santa’s story is about the Christmas from the very beginning up till the relocation to the North Pole, Mrs. Clause focuses on a more specific bit of Christmas history in England.  She proves herself to be kind of a badass Christmas hero.  I found her story was a lot less bogged down by historical facts and she was able to focus more on relationships between people and Christmas.  If I take my own sentimental attachment out of the equation I’d say this was my favorite, but The Autobiography of Santa Clause will always hold a special place in my heart.

The last book was The Great Santa Search and it deals with the people that I call the commercialization cynics head on.  These are the people that will moan and groan about how every holiday is just an excuse for different industries to make money and that’s why we should all be grumps on that day.  These people are annoying.  I often fantasize about clever comebacks I can have when they start getting particularly annoying.  Now I’ll just give them my most annoying “I’m not engaging smile and tell them that they will be much more enlightened if they would just read The Autobiography of Santa Clause.  If they aren’t intrigued I’ll just mention offhand that in this book Santa is in a reality show to prove that he’s Santa…I mean…if that doesn’t do it for them then I probably don’t want to talk to them any longer anyway.

I’m still right here and I’m still not all there.


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