13 Little Blue Envelopes

I have a list in my head of people that would be my dream mentors.  This list includes Amy Poehler, Hannah Hart, and of course, Maureen Johnson, the author of 13 Little Blue Envelopes.  The following may come off as less of a review of her book and more an ode to her, and for that I do not apologize because she is the awesome that I want to be.


13 Little Blue Envelopes reactivated my urge to travel to such an extant that I’ve re taken up the hobby of looking up cheap flight tickets.  It’s an adventure story, a growing up story, and obviously there’s some romance in there because what kind of boring adventure doesn’t have romance?  The main character, Ginny, is not only traveling around Europe but she’s doing so based on the specific instructions coming from her dead aunt.  It’s like a more awesome, less lovey dovey, fake accent free, book version of P.S. I Love You.  I stayed up too late reading it because I didn’t want to stop till I was done.

When I was thinking about what to write about it just after I finished it, all I could do was fantasize about having my own travel adventure.  Then I wondered if Maureen Johnson had been to all the places Ginny had been and I can only believe she has.  So we can officially add jealousy to my list of feeling towards Maureen Johnson.


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