You Deserve a Drink

Mamrie Hart is a very entertaining Youtuber that I’ve followed for a while now, particularly her channel called You Deserve a Drink.  She makes a drink for whichever celebrity she feels deserves one that week.  The drink is themed around that celebrity and whatever event makes them most deserve a drink and she puns the entire time.  Her pun game is epic.  On top of her awesome puns she makes some pretty delicious drinks.  So, imagine all that, but in book form and with the bonus of hearing someone else’s drunk stories and you’ve got her book You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery.


Reading this book felt like I was just catching up with a friend that had just had a crazy night out.  Mamrie’s voice was very conversational and hilarious.  Her pun count was off the charts and her stories (drinking and otherwise) were honest sometimes to a cringeworthy point.  It was the cringing that made it a great read.  When I ask a friend how their night out went I don’t just want to hear about all the awesome dance moves, though that is important.  I want to hear about the embarrassing falls on a busy sidewalk with a short skirt, the awkward conversations with the cute boys, and the awkward conversations with the not cute boys.   It’s the cringiness that makes a drinking story a drinking story.  I’m sure there’s a lesson there somewhere but I’m choosing to ignore it and take a sip of my drink instead.  Mamrie does not flinch in the face of cringing.  She’s honest and entertaining with her drinking stories but she’s not bragging about them.  She’s just presenting them for what they are.

Mamrie includes a drink recipe at the beginning of every chapter and while I wasn’t always drinking while reading (not for lack of effort) I did try my hand at the drink she’s called Tannin Bed, which is essentially Sangria and freakin’ awesome.  It’s a super sweet drink and I managed to impress a few people by serving it to them.  I fully intend on trying every drink in the book with in the next couple of months.  I like to think I’ve learned what to do and what not to do while drinking these cocktails from Mamrie’s stories but I’m sure there are some cringeworthy moments in my future.

Tannin Bed….it was delicious!

Photo on 6-3-15 at 1.47 PM

Before I got a chance to publish this post I actually made another drink!  This is Right in the Nuts.  It’s Coke, grenadine, white rum, and peanuts.  I thought it was pretty good, but the group I served it to had mixed feelings about it.  The only way you’ll know if you like it is to make it and try for yourself!


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