Oh The Moon

Oh The Moon is a weird little book.  It’s weird in a it makes you feel and think kind of way.  It’s a collection of short stories that have been written and illustrated by Charlyne Yi.  The illustrations remind me of Shel Silverstein, come to think of it Charlyne’s particular brand of weird reminds me of Shel Silverstein as well.  Her stories are wildly fantastical and somehow completely relatable.


One of my favorite stories from this collection was Bernard the Sailor.  It’s a story about a man who sold his soul for a tall hat and respect, and tries to buy it back when he meets the lady he loves.  The story by itself is warmly whimsical, but the illustrations add punch to the sentiment behind the words. This particular story perfectly exemplifies why I like graphic novels and other illustrated storytelling art forms.

For the most part the pages have words telling the story and illustrations showing the story.  However there are pages on which there are no words, just pictures.  In fact this happens on the first few pages of the story when describing Bernards feelings of being stuck in a lonely and sad monotony.  The absence of words on the page says more about this feeling than any combination of words could.  This works in the opposite direction as well.  When Bernard meets Ellie there are two pages with just three words on them.  “Hi.” And on the second page, “Oh, hi.” When you’re meeting your crush the only thing that exists in that moment is what you say and what they say back.  The sudden absence of illustrations forces that feeling of nervousness onto the reader.

In the very first story a normal sized lady gives birth to a giant baby that is threatened by the townspeople because they don’t like anything or body that is different from them. A very tiny boy tries to defend the giant baby.  This book is tiny boy defending giant baby weird, but if you can get past your “normal” expectations, it’s worth a read.


Common Place Book Entries

“I tried to remember a time when the world wasn’t so crowded with loneliness, a time when I could feel the person lying next to me.”

-She’s All Legs by Charlyne Yi

“I miss all the memories I can’t remember.”

-She’s All Legs by Charlyne Yi

“Hell was hidden at the bottom level of a parking structure.”

-She’s All Legs by Charlyne Yi


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