The Autobiography of Santa Claus

I was recently tagged to do the Dashing Through The Snow Book tag by which is very flattering and the first time I was ever tagged on WordPress.  As I looked through the questions I realized that, for me, most questions about books and Christmas come back to The Autobiography Of Santa Claus as told to Jeff Guinn.  This is the book to read this season. For those with the Christmas spirit but, more importantly, for those that are having trouble finding the Christmas spirit.  I know what you’re thinking, “The Christmas season is over, why would I read this book now?”  The answer is to extend the season into the post holiday months.  Why not extend the joy?  This book can give you all the warm fuzzies you’re feeling nostalgic about.


I have written about The Autobiography Of Santa Claus before but I think it’s an important one to read, especially this time of year.  It’s very easy as an adult to become cynical of the holidays.  It’s a stressful time.  Between traveling, money spent on gifts, and catching up with family it’s easy to forget about the joy and excitement that can come with Christmas as a child.  As someone that works in the service industry I can confirm that people can be angry, cookie filled, stress balls this time of year, but they are also extra generous.  That’s kind of magical, that throughout the stress we can still remember empathy and giving just because it’s “that time of year”.

This book offers a believable narrative about the more mythical aspects of Christmas (looking at you Santa and Rudolph).  There is, of course still magic, because this season is nothing without the magic.  There are also reasonable answers for all the times you or someone you know has said something like “Santa’s not real because how could he deliver presents to the whole world in one night?” (Sorry answer: helpers and magic, read the book for the long answer.) I believe.  Of course I believed before reading Santa’s autobiography but he managed to confirm a few things for me.

The Christmas season is really what you make it.  For me it’s being with people I love and letting them know I love them.  I also happen to have crazy awesome gift giving skills.  I love finding the perfect gift and watching the person open it.  Giving for the sake of seeing people forget their stress for just a moment is what my holiday season is about.  Santa taught me that.

Read this book so you have answers to questions like “How do reindeer fly?” But more importantly read it to remember how awesome believing in Santa is.  He’s a pretty great guy and has a spectacular story.


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