Saga Volume One

Saga by Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples has been on my radar for some time now.  Navigating the world of comic books and graphic novels has been interesting mostly because it’s all new terrain.  With all the other genres I read I can recognize which reviewers I should carry a grain of salt with me while reading their review. I can make wise decisions about which books to invest time in based off of even the most hyperbolic reviews.  Within the comic book world there are very passionate fans and very passionate haters and I’ve yet to decipher when and to whom I should be listening.  Saga, however, has consistently good reviews and you are about to read another.


Within the story of Saga there is a moon and a planet that are at war but they realize that destruction of one guarantees destruction of both so they outsource their war throughout the universe to other planets.  Our two main characters are Marko, from the moon, and Alana, from the planet, fall in love and have a child. We encounter them when their daughter is about to be born and follow as both sides of the war chase them down as they try to start their family and live a peaceful non violent life.  Volume One is the first of 6 existing volumes and as far as I can tell it’s an ongoing series.  The first book is a fantastic set up.  Vaughan managed to introduce all the characters amidst quite a bit of action and a lot of humor.

The tone is very Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars meets Joss Whedon which are two of my favorite stories and one my favorite storytellers, so I’m pretty excited about this story.  The characters are very rooted and relatable in a universe that is magical and futuristic.  I particularly like the dialogue between Marko and Alana.  Yes, they are on the run from each others armies, but they are also newly weds and new parents.  They are still discovering each other and who they’re going to be as a family unit and we get to make the discoveries right along side of them.

There is a narrator that is part of the story and we find out right away that she is Marko and Alana’s daughter, Hazel.  This adds a small amount of comfort to the story, knowing that whatever is happening Hazel, at least, grows old and lives to tell the tale.  It also allows for ominous foreshadowing that keeps me on the very edge of my seat.  All in all I’d say this was a successful adventure into the world of comic books and I am one hundred percent hooked!



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